This course is the second part of the Institute's Part III Global Retirement Income Systems stream comprising two courses:

  • Course 6A
  • Course 6B

The GRIS courses are part of the Institute’s professional education program, however it is also intended that they are accessible, viable and useful in a more general context. It is recommended that Course 6A be undertaken before Course 6B, as Course 6B presumes familiarity with the content of Course 6A.

The two GRIS courses have been structured to focus on key principles and then consider how those principles may be applied in practice. From the broad actuarial perspective, this is demonstrated through the explicit use of the Actuarial Practice and Control paradigm (see Course 6A, Learning Objective 4.1) both in the overall syllabus design and explicitly in Course 6A. In Course 6B the use of the Actuarial Practice and Control paradigm is expressed within the actuarial tasks performed in relation to retirement income system. Judgement is a key aspect of the professionalism expected from actuaries and this is recognised through the multitude of sections of the courses that rely on judgement and professionalism more generally.

The GRIS 6B course has been rewritten in 2013 and has changed significantly. The titles of all units have changed and most of the reading material is new. The new Unit 1 is on providing advice on Retirement incomes. New content has been added on Defined Contributions Schemes.

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