Commercial Actuarial Practice’ was first offered to Part III students in Semester 2, 2005. The course is compulsory for all new Part III students. The overall objectives of this course are to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be able to:

  • apply actuarial skills across a range of traditional practice areas and in unfamiliar (i.e. non-traditional) areas by contextualising actuarial solutions or approaches in the wider commercial environment of the business as a whole
  • apply ethical concepts, corporate governance requirements and actuarial professional standards when contextualising actuarial solutions or approaches.
  • successfully communicate the actuarial solutions or approaches to a range of audiences.

It consists of:

  • pre-reading materials
  • a four-day course (the nature of the program is such that residence is not mandatory but highly recommended)
  • two assessments: a one day case study exam, and a post-course assignment to be completed within two weeks after the residential course.

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