This is the Part A (Module 2) course in the Institute's Part III Investment Management and Finance specialist stream. Your familiarity with its subject matter will probably have been largely gained within the Actuarial Control Cycle course and the Part III Module 1 course in Investments. The material in these courses will be taken as assumed knowledge for this Module 2 course, so you should take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with it should you feel the need to do so.

What distinguishes Module 1 from Module 2 is depth of treatment and you will be expected to display a corresponding depth of knowledge and understanding. When Module 3 is added in, the Institute’s aim is to make you as "practitioner ready" as any course of study can. This reflects the Part III program’s key requirements for each practice area:

  • Environmental and technical knowledge,
  • The application of relevant actuarial skills, and
  • The exercise of judgement and the development of problem solving abilities.

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